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One's Needs

It is fair enough and easy enough to say, “I do not care what people say of me and think of me”.  I can say this because I have never conformed to what others felt I should be doing or thinking in my lifetime.  I have always walked to the beat of my own drummer.  However, this statement can seem selfish.  One can certainly go through life without a care of what others think or feel, but its also important to be considerate of others.  Therefore public opinion cannot be entirely ignored as it serves as a reflection of who we really are.  Its called feed back.  You just have to remember never to take what is said about you personally and never make assumptions about what you think you heard -- best to always ask from first hand sources.  You must also be aware that for the most part, people are not talking nor even thinking about you.  This is just the fear within you trying to take control.  

It is far better to say:  “I do not care what people say or think of me for I go through life living my life the way I want to, but I will never make the assumption that my needs are more important than those around me”.

The Start of Something New

To say that 2014 wasn’t a difficult year is the biggest understatement I could make.  This year was probably the second most difficult year of my life so far, with heavy decision making required.  I am about 50% the way through.  The first phase was completed in September.  Now, the second phase is about to start, which is equally difficult, but its a road that must be crossed.  Nothing has been easy this year and the near future appears rocky, but if I can get through it, and once I do it should be calmer seas ahead.  I even started meditating again, which is something I haven’t had much opportunity to do over the last 5 years.  It was a difficult existence over the last 5 years.

One Friday (tomorrow) I will be helping out a few teachers with a project I have been working on since March of this year.  Its been a long road, full of twists and turns, dead ends, and a few stops and restarts.  However, the work I have been hired to do is for an educational company.  I am working in history, which is something I am familiar with and is the reason I was hired in the first place.  In fact, I was approached two years ago for this work.  It took that long to get here.  Tomorrow is where I meet the students, all Grade 7 kids, eager to jump in and start.  I will be helping out two teachers and two assistants.  The reason I am helping is because I am the only one who knows how to do this sort of work and I want to see it all up close and personal.

Funny thing about that.  The work I am doing is very similar to the stuff I used to create when I was 13 years old.  At that time everyone said that there was no future in what I was doing.  However, here I am 40 years later doing the same thing, but on a much larger scale, in full color and computer generated.  This is what I used to make by hand for myself when I was a kid just because I wanted to and could.  The world has changed quite a bit since then, but the principle haven’t.  As an educational tool, this sort of project and product knows no bounds.  Tomorrow I will see how 13 year olds see it.  I am sure there will be hurdles to jump and bridges to construct, but in the end, I can see this as being a very rewarding experience for everyone.   Fingers crossed because this is just one of many such projects I have been hired to construct.


Saturday.  Friday was a great success.  The students had a good time and a few of the special needs students, the ones who were labeled "hard to keep focused on their work" had no problems.  If fact, you could not tell who these students were in the class.  Evereyone was working away on the project.  They all owrked as a team.  They were focused for the full 3 hours and only a few needed or asked for guidence.  All I saw were eager young students having a  lot of fun and learning about history at the same time.  They were full of energy.

The teachers thought the whole project was a great success.  It wil be continued for the next two Fridays and then I will not be needed.  I was able to see the student's reactions to the product and for the most part, there were no problems.  The students simply love history and enjoy woreking together as a team.  Everyone had a good time.



Major Life Change

Weird.  In January of this year, I knew that 2014 was going to be a pinnacle and difficult year.  I felt that this year would be the start of a new life, and a new direction.  I could feel it.  A few days ago, some one sent me my horoscope for this month:

"Your career and finances are not priorities this month, except when they relate to plans you may have for the future. This is a time to prepare for the long-term, not to reach for immediate rewards."

This is turning out to be very true.  This month is a month of sacrifice while I readjust my life.  I made major changes last month and realized, in doing so, that I would be throwing away a full month's income to make these changes.  This is part of a long term plan where the rewards will happen later, probably not next month, but maybe will start in September.  None of this has been easy so far.  I pondered my decision for three days before making the phone call.  It was the second most difficult decision I have made in my life... and here I am now, taking the full brunt of the repercussions, but hoping that in the near future it will all have been worth while.

Taking charge of one's own life annoys a lot of people, especially those who thought they controlled you.  Turns out, they were wrong.  I can already feel the burden I found myself over the last 6 years starting to lift.  My life is already starting to change.  Its just that today was difficult, but its part of a path that will lead me away from negative people.  Tomorrow may also be bad, but I think that will be the end of it.  I will be free once again.  I should mark this day on my calendar and celebrate it every year from now on.

Work and Life

Work has been overpowering lately while life seems to march onward.  I had three women call me up and want to go out for a coffee.  I haven't heard from any of these women in almost a year.  Seems odd to get two emails and one phone call out of the blue like that.  One wants a relationship (she stated so), one may want a relationship (I think so) and the third seems to just want coffee and a chat.  Will see where this all goes, but I am really too wrapped up in my work right now to do anything.  Huge changes are transpiring with my recent work and it all hinges on me getting my assignments done on time, which is difficult because as each week passes I am assigned more work.  Still... at least its very interesting work.  The deadlines are starting to give me sleepless nights, as are the three women.  Only time for work right now.

Past Life Memories and a Promise Made

Many years ago I received a message that I must, at some point in my life, return to Ireland.  Having no Irish blood and having no connection to Ireland in my life, I found this puzzling.  However, it was a strong message, one that cannot be ignored.  A few yeras later, the message was repeated to me once again.  Four years ago I went to see a psychic, and as I was leaving she blurted out, "Oh... and one last thing, you must return to Ireland in this lifetime.  You made a promise".  "Yes", I told her, "The promise was to my mother", and the psychic was taken back, "You know this already", she asked, "Yes", I stated, "I do".  She just pointed out that a promise is a strong thing, and despite the passing of time, and lives, a promise must still be fulfilled, if possible.  "Yes", I answered, "... and I mean to fulfill it".

Once you are Irish, you never change.  The years was around 1649, Cromwell had invaded our home land.  Many people were dying and starving.  The battles and sieges were fierce with result that many Irish were killed.  I remember at some point signing up to go abroad and fight as a mercenary in someone else's army in another country.  My mother was distraught with fear of losing me.  She made me promise that I would return to Ireland.  That promise I made is still binding.

Last night I watched a 2 hour documentary on the War between the Irish and Cromwell.  At the end of the war, Parliamentarians published surrender terms to the remaining Irish the guerrilla fighters in 1652 allowing them to go abroad to serve in foreign armies not at war with the Commonwealth of England. 40,000 of them decided to do this, myself included.  Most went to France or Spain.  I never returned to Ireland, having died in combat.  I was reminded of this as I watched the documentary.  I must make plans to return to Ireland at some point.

An Odd Road To Travel

Having lived with someone for 8 years who was bi-polar, I am a little sensitive when dating new women.  I often find myself looking for signs and deciding on the fly if what a person just said, or gestured, during a conversation meant anything.  In almost all cases, I shrug it off as a coincidence.  I am too trigger happy.  I convince myself that I see signs where perhaps signs do not exist and then I relax.

I have been dating someone now for four weeks.  I haven't dated someone this long in almost 3 years.  Things were moving ahead nicely, without stress... then I received an odd phone call this evening.  It was filled with emotion, slurred words and sentences that I couldn't hear.  The woman I am dating doesn't drink, but because I know about her past, I suspect she must be on some sort of medication because of the emotional upheavals she had been through in her recent life.  Almost anyone I have known who has gone through something similar in their life has been on some sort of anti-depressent.  The conversation started out well enough, but ended with babbling, emotional revelations, and then I heard her physically falling down and with that, the phone went dead.  I phoned back several and when she answered, I received more babbling and emotional statements.  She first denied she having fallen down, then changed the subject.  My Ex Girlfriend would sometimes do this when her medications ran out at night.  With her, it was like turning off a switch, and then she was out like a light.  Almost always happened around 11pm.  I lived through this before.

That is probably not the question to be asking.  The question really should be, "Should I live through something like this again?".  Or was this just an odd phone call to be filed away and forgotten.  It will be interesting to hear, tomorrow, if she remembers anything.  This reminds me of those strange horror movies where someone slips into madness, babbling about something and nothing, just before the knives come out and the body count starts to rise.  

Its Official I am Handsome

I was visiting my mother three days ago.  She resides in a retirement home about 5 minutes from where I live.  We went out for dinner and returned about 6pm and then I stayed and talked with her until 8pm, upon which I said my goodbyes, and went home.  Walking down the hallway of her retirement home, I noticed it was quiet.  No one was walking about and the TV room was empty.  It was a quiet night.  I made my way to the front door and the front desk.  I had to sign out before I left.  Nearing the front desk I heard voices and as I rounded the corner, in the distance, I saw three young nurses, probably between 32 and 34 years old chatting away with an elderly woman.  They were giggle and going on about something that had happened earlier in the day.  They were next to the sign out book so I walked over and picked up the pen on the desk and cross my name off the visitors list and put in the time of my departure.  I was only too aware of the fact that the four woman stopped talking as soon as I came into their view.  As I was leaving by the front door I heard one of the nurses say, "Why is it when a tall, dark, handsome man walks into a room, woman suddenly stop talking?".  As I looked over my shoulder, and saw that all their eyes were upon me.  I just hoped I didn't have toilet paper stuck on my shoe.


Had a man come up to me yesterday to tell me how good I looked in my suit.  Although I do not butter my bread on that side, one should take in compliments where and when one can.


The act of dreaming is to create a map of our future. 

The Dating Circuit Again

About three weeks ago I received three email messages from eHarmony stating I have three women who want to get to know me.  I sat there trying to take that in.  EHarmony?  I haven't been a member of eHarmony in over 5 years.  How is this possible?  So I went to eHarmony and tried to remember my password.  Not as easy as it sounds as this was 5 years ago, but on my five or sixth try, I get in.  Sure enough, there are three women who want to get to know me.  I can't figure out how this happened, but now I fee obliged to respond.  I haven't been on a date in 3 years and now I am suddenly in a spot light.

I start in the order received and I end up communicating with someone who doesn't want to go through all the eHarmony system.  She writes that she wants to just meet me cold turkey (my words, not hers).  I am wary of such rapid communications because it can point to personal issues of the person doing the asking.  If someone is in a rush, there sometimes can be issues.  Rushing into relationships is actually listed as a "red flag" warning when dealing with Sociopaths and having lived with a Sociopath for 8 years, I am a little sensitive to such triggers.  However, it could also be a legitimate, innocent request too.  The person may just feel more comfortable seeing people up front rather than going through the eHarmony questions and answer system.  It can be frustrating dealing with eHarmony.

After a quick banter of emails, we agree to meet for coffee on a Sunday afternoon.  At the meeting, I arrive first because I am used to driving in rush hour traffic, not Sunday afternoon traffic so I arrived way too early.  I go into the restaurant and find a table by the large back window.  She phones me 20 minutes later asking me when I will arrive.  I informed her I am already seated and she seems surprised.  I forgot that when I dated last, woman almost always arrive first to check the guy out.  I asked a woman once whom I was dating a few years ago if she ever saw a date first and decided to just drive away.  The woman I asked this to stated to me that she does that all the time -- she wasn't going to waste her time on a loser, she added, and then quickly stumbled and stating, "but I liked how you looked".  I wasn't sure just how to take that.  It felt like my days were numbered, on a whim she may have at some near point in the future to just not show up one day.  In her case, as it turned out, that would have been OK.

My latest date seemed to go so-so.  There were a number of red flags that went up, but I tend to shrug these off on a first date, giving my date the benefit of the doubt.  But there was a nagging feeling in my mind that this was not going that well.  At one point my date pointed out that I look exactly like my photo at eHarmony and she expressed that this was unusual.

"Unusual", I ask, "How so?"

"Well", she started, "I was on a date where the guy stated he was around 55 years old, but when he arrived, I discovered that he was really closer to 70".

"Wow", I say, "That is a big difference in age".

"Yes", she said, "I was shocked.  I hate it when people are dishonest, but in the end, after two months he broke up with me because he felt we were incompatible".

Instantly my mind thought, "Wait a minute... you just said you hate it when people are dishonest, and yet you still dated the guy?"  What do your standards really mean when you do not follow through with your personal ideals.

Little things started to creep into the conversation that set off triggers, but again, it could just be first date jitters on both our parts.  I did notice that she was doing most of the talking.  It didn't matter what I said, she kept in control of the conversation throughout and then, out of the blue, she just stated, "Well, I have to get home.  It was nice seeing you.  I will give you a call soon".  She gave me a quick hug and then she was gone.  It seemed abrupt, so I figured, she must have decided that I was not quite right, or she had to go home and weigh things out in her mind.  As I was walking out of the restaurant, she drove by waving at me.  I was a bit confused at this point, but I headed back home and to work.  Upon arriving at home I saw that she beat me home and sent me an email stating how wonderful the date went and how happy she was meeting me and that we should plan something for the coming weekend.  In my mind there seemed to be a disparity between what was communicated in person and what was communicated via email.  The two seemed to be apart from one another.  It was a bit confusing, but I shrugged it off as first date jitters between the two of us.

Date two started out oddly.  We decided on seeing a movie together, but we went in separate cars.  I was willing to pick her up, but she said it was no problem, she would meet me at the theatre.  I thought that strange, but I went along.  She got out of her car and I happened to be just a few feet away.  I greeted her and attempted to kiss her, but that was not in the cards.  She recoiled as if I were a stranger on the street.  Ok, I thought, perhaps that was too soon.  After the movie we decided it was still early so we went for a walk to a local restaurant.  She talked about how much she enjoyed the film, so that went well.  She thanked me as if I had made the film myself, which was a bit odd.  She put her arm around me, so I put my arm around her, but upon doing so, she quickly recoiled and jumped a foot over to my right as if she were trying to avoid stepping into something disgusting she had spied on the sidewalk.  She made no apology or mention of what just transpired but instead continued walking and talking.  After leaving the restaurant and walking back to her car, she quickly thanked me for the evening, kissed me quickly, jumped into her car and disappeared into the night.  From kiss to her car and driving, was all under 5 seconds.  I figured something had just transpired, but was left a bit dumbfounded.  Did something just go wrong?  When I arrived home, she had sent me an email explaining how wonderful the evening went.  By this time I am figuring that something is going on, but cannot figure just what that something must be.

Date three was better, but ended the same.  We went for coffee to meet up with one of her close friends.  Apparently they always meet on a Tuesday night at a local coffee shop.  I arrived there and met them.  It all went well and I got along with her friend.  We stayed talking until closing time.  She asks me to follow her out to the car, where she is giving her friend a ride home.  She quickly thanks me for showing up, kisses me with one of her standard lightning kisses that lasts well under 1 second, then she is in her car and gone.  I am left standing there feeling like I have just had coffee with an Ex-Girlfriend.  I am acutely aware that there hasn't been any sign of affection transpiring from her.  It seems that I am showing all the interest and attentiveness and she is just absorbing it all.  I am starting to feel that she has a boyfriend or husband at home she is not telling me about.

Three days later I broke up with her.  I haven't had to do that in over 15 years.  I feel horrible having to do it, but the red flags and warnings going off in my head are trying to tell me something.  I still do not know what really went on.  I received an email note from her stating we only shared one passionate kiss and I had to struggle hard to figure out which kiss this was.  Was it the half-a-second kiss or was it the quarter-of-a-second kiss.  I think her problem may just be that she cannot feel nor express emotions, or perhaps she was hiding something from me.  Did I land another Sociopath into my life?

Now I am setting up a date with the second woman from eHarmony.  I certainly hope this goes better or it will be another three years before I try again.

Injured Again

2013 is turning into a year of injury and illnesses.  Started the year with an eye infection, quickly followed up by another eye infection, then an ear infection, then a tendon injury in my right arm and now a cut on my shin that required 4 stitches and the year is not over yet.  

Today's injury was odd because I slipped and hit my shin on a low concrete wall.  It hurt like hell, but I didn't rip my jeans.  I looked at my pants, and then just shrugged it off and kept going after I saw my jeans were still intact.  How bad could it be?  About an hour later I notice my right shoe felt wet.  When I looked at it I saw that it was full of blood.  Thick, quarter of an inch thick, sticky pink/red blood.  My jeans were stained a dark purple around the ankle.  I went to a medical clinic and the doctor was shocked by the severity of the cut without a corresponding cut or tear on my pants.  He had never seen that before.  

I seem to cut myself, and loose a lot of blood, every four or five years.  The last time I cut myself was three years ago and before that, it was four years ago and that cut went to the bone.  The only good part is that I seem to heal quickly.  At least this injury should not stop me from working... which is what I will be doing in a few minutes, now that I am back from the medical clinic.  In two weeks time, I will have the stitches out, ready to start again with another injury.

Did not see this one coming, but I rarely do when it comes in injuries.

An Odd Dream

I had an odd dream this morning.  It was about a project I was putting together.  The work, I thought, had been done since late Tuesday, but it was too late in the day to ship it to the production house in town as they close at 4:30pm so I left it for the next day.  When Wednesday came along I had other work show up that distracted me until it was too late again in the day to the ship work.  I figured, Thursday will have to do, but unexpectedly, family showed up, and once again it was after 4:30pm before they left, meaning, I would have to ship it off Friday.  

Friday morning I awoke after having a dream.  Unlike most dreams, I remembered this one quite clearly.  In the dream I was working on the project and it was pointed out to me that the project wasn't ready for production.  A voice simply stated that I had forgotten something.  I was told an important element was missing.  The missing element was shown to me and it was stated that my customers will be expecting it so it should be included.   Its a simple fix and you won't regret it, I was told.  So I got up, turned on my computer to examined the project.  I looked it over and quickly realized, the dream was right.  The missing element is important and I can include it quite easily before I ship it off to the production house.  It took almost three hours to create the missing element, but I managed to finally get the final work to the production house in time.  I was told the product should be ready for pick up late next week.

The fix saved me about $200, but it also saved me having to redo the product again, which is a savings of both time and money, not to mention, frustration.  Now the final product is more balanced and gives my customers all the options they are expecting.  Not sure how I missed that in the first place, but someone, or something, is looking over my shoulder, helping out.


Listening to my Neighbors

My neighbors like to drink and they like to get an early start to their drinking.  A few months ago they invited me over to have drinks around their bonfire.  They started at 1pm and went to 7:30am.  I did not attend.  I cannot party like that.  The party I was invited to was really a wake.  One of my neighbor's friends lost his father to cancer.  My neighbor went on and on about it saying, it will be a party to remember.  He pointed out that the deceased was old at 53 years of age.  He figured that was a good age to die.  I am 53 years old, but my neighbor thought I was 40-ish.  "Sorry, man" I didn't know, he stated to me.  The wake lasted about 18 hours in temperatures ranging around -5 degrees.  These guys like to drink.  I told him all I had in the house was rum, and he said he never though about drinking rum.  Everyone at the party is drinking vodka.  Straight apparently.  I went back to work.  I wonder if they are Russian?

Today my neighbors are gearing up again.  They already sound drunk and have had a few fist fights, all in good fun.  I think they range in age from 16 to 28.  I try to just get my work done.  Most of these guys are unemployed and have the time.  

The Future Psychics Keep Telling Me About

For the last 5 years, no matter what psychic I see, I keep getting the same reading.  The only variation to the readings refer to what is going on in my life at that moment, but the long term is always the same.  The readings started in 2008 with, "In the near future, a company will hire you to do some work.  It will be a small project, just to test you out, and then this will be followed by more, paying projects.  The first project you will do will be a free project on your part, just to test the waters.  Once you complete the project, paying work will come, and then it will be an avalanche of work at high pay.  Within 6 months, your life will be transformed and you will be traveling the world for your work.  You will end up moving to a new house which you will buy from your profits."  The reading never varies, expect with regards to the time frame.  Some do not mention the house, but all emphasis the world travel part.  In 2008 and 2009, it was "In the near future" and one psychic stated it will happen at the end of 2013.  Most psychics state it will happen during the fall, but most cannot say which year.  The month of September almost always comes up. 

I went to a small cafe with a friend in 2011.  She asked me if I ever had my cards read by a psychic.  I told her of my past readings, getting the same prediction each and every time, and she told me of her last reading a few days ago.  When we arrived at the bakery, she was surprised to see they had a psychic card reader and told me to get a reading.  I reminded her that I always get the same reading, but she said that perhaps this time it will be different.  I also pointed out that she just had a reading a few days ago and she just repeated what she told me, "Perhaps this time it will be different".  So we both sat down for our readings.  It was only $10 each. She went first and then I had my reading second.  I wrote down notes on her reading and she wrote down notes on my reading.  Halfway through the reading I stopped writing.  It was the exact same reading she described to me just 30 minutes before.  She stopped writing notes on my reading because it too was the exact same reading as I described to her as well.  I still see this as being a worth while venture, as it at least reinforced the previous readings and messages for both of us.  

I must have seen around 8 or 10 different psychics over the last 5 years now.  I get a reading once or twice a year, usually because someone will tell me "I just have to see the psychic they just saw".  But when I do, I get the same reading.  The last psychic I saw in February gave one observation, about what was going on in my life at that point in time and it was very accurate, and then she gave me three predictions. Two of these predictions came true is spades within the next eight weeks.  The third prediction was my usual prediction and it is suppose to start in September.  Someone will be hiring me.  It will be a family sort of company.  The person hiring will be older than myself.   I was told it will start in September of this year. 

When I meditated on this question a few months back, after seeing the last psychic, I was told the work will start in September, but that I will be first approached in August.  The real project will start in September.

In the first week of this month, August, I received an email from a magazine editor.  I instantly recognized his name.  Having worked in publishing for over 30 years, you pick up on the players and shakers in your field.  This fellow was a shaker in his day.  Apparently he is the editor of a new publishing company.  He stated he stumbled across my website and was amazed at my work.  He was mostly amazed because it coincided with a project he was working on and asked if I could render him a sample.  If it works, he said, it may translate into some work for me on a larger project he is involved with.

I can feel the cogs starting to turn, but is this the real thing, or just another false start.  If I add up all the projects I have done for free for people over the years, I could fill a good size warehouse.  However, I just gave my work that I will have a prototype completed within the next few days.  We will see...

Time for a New Product

This morning I woke up at 4am after having an odd dream.  In the dream I was told that I needed to start working on my new project.  This is a project I started last year, but then a family member came by and took a lot of my money.  He still owes me this money and has made no effort to pay any of it back.  This money was set aside for my new project and without it my new project couldn't happen and didn't happen last year.  Earlier this year a psychic predicted that I would be given a lot of money and with this money a project I didn't finish last year would soon be possible again.  A few weeks after the prediction a deal went through that gave me a lot of money.  I now have the financial means to complete my new project.  The only missing ingredient is time.  

In my dream, I saw myself working away on the project, both by hand and then on my computer.  This weekend I will be getting a lot of my older work completed, which has been a heavy burden on me over the last eight months.  In terms of time, it will only take me 1 or 2 weeks to have everything finished.  Its not a difficult project, but judging by the number of people around the world who keep requesting news about my new product, it could and should be a good selling product and the potential for expanding this product into other products is also quite high.  I will be starting this this week.  There is no telling where it will lead.


My life revolves around books.  It always has.  From an early age I took to looking through atlases trying to locate the exotic places my family either were born, or had lived.  On the maternal side, I had relatives living in a number of islands in the South Pacific during the colonial period on plantations, and I would look up each island and imagine what was there based on the stories I heard.  From relatives trying to out run volcanic eruptions, to seafarers plying the Pacific Ocean, my maternal side of my family lived in very exotic locations.  My paternal side, not to be outdone, also lived in tropical locations, but mostly in India and Africa.  Many of my relatives rubbed elbows with Rajya, and my father, went to school with one in particular, remaining good friends with him, and his wife, until death.  I have a copy of the book the Rajya's wife wrote.  In my life, however, I am only be able to read about the exotic locations and to hear the stories, as I have yet to venture to these far off locations.  One day perhaps.

About two years ago, I volunteered to convert my uncle's manuscript, from a hand typed document, into an electronic format file.  His book is about his experiences during the second world war when he was arrested by the Germans and thrown into several concentration camps.  It was a moving project, getting to learn about his life and experiences.  He is now 87 years old and spends most of his time translating French poems into English.  French being a language he picked up while he was a prisoner of the various Nazi camps.  He told me he does this work to pay homage to the many French people he saw perish during those years, a number of whom were close friends.  He has not forgotten his past, nor does he really have a choice.  It has haunted him every day since 1945.

A year ago, my aunt wrote her memoirs, in which she also discusses her life during the war, as well as her life right up to last year.  She too speaks of the war, but of course, from her point of view.  Its interesting to read her views because the coincide very well with that of her brother, my uncle.  One was in concentration camps, while the other had to endure the war at home, under occupation.  I have only read the first two chapters of her book, but I am told, I am in her book too, but only because my mother is her sister.  I am mentioned in only the briefest of referencing.

Its interesting to have two relatives who have taken the time to commit their life experiences to paper.  With my uncle, he still lives his hardships almost daily so his memories are still quite raw.  Still, its all documented in their books.  Books are the center of my universe.  I cannot escape that.  When I think I have not read a book for a while, someone will give me one as a gift, like my last birthday, just a short time ago.  Everyone seems to know about my love of books.   The odd part is that I have had several psychics tell me that I will soon write my own book, but when compared to the life changing experiences my relatives experienced, I find it hard to believe that I will be able to write something that compares.  Where does one start?

Friendships and Loyalties

It only goes to show.  I dated a woman a few years ago.  It lasted all of three months, but during this time she did two things for me.  The first was she introduced me to her hairdresser and the second she introduced me to a car dealer who sold me the current vehicle I drive.  The woman I dated described both of these people as her friends.  Her hairdresser was someone she had known for 20 years, or more.  When the hairdresser moved her business a few years ago, this woman drove the extra 10 miles just to continue seeing her to get her hair done.  The car dealer was someone she would purchase a new car from every five years.  She also said this was an act of loyalty.  In both cases, these were people she trusted and had known for over 20 years.

Last year, I happened to speak with both of these people, the hairdresser and the car dealer, at different times.  Both assumed I was still friends with this woman.  However, when I pointed out to them that I had not seen this woman in over 5 years they opened up to me that and informed me that they thought she was a very odd person and were glad that they do not see nor have dealings with her anymore.  Her hairdresser described her as a very negative individual that she had to endure.

I find it hard to believe that someone who held two people in such high esteem for so long would actually have been so wrong.  It made me start to rethink my friendships.  Perhaps people I believe are my friends are really not.  How do we really know?

A Mother's Day

This mother's day was unusual.  We spent the entire day with my mother.  That is a first.  We took her over to my oldest brother's place and we made breakfast for her.  Everyone helped out, except myself -- for some reason I wasn't allowed to help this year.  Instead, my niece and her boyfriend helped make breakfast, while my brother Barbequed steaks.  It was a very good breakfast.  I entertained my mother while all the preparations were going on.  Breakfast was over at 1pm.  Then we just talked and watch a movie on TV.  After that, we took my mother out to dinner at a restaurant.  Being 83 years old, she was ready to go home at 8pm  -- I drove her home.  It was very pleasant.  A bit of a surprise day, actually. 

However, there was one odd thing of note came up during the day.  This was my cousin.  My cousin and I do not get along.  He is extremely competitive and materialistic.  The exact opposite of myself.  In the last 40 years, I have only seen him once and that was back in 1992, I think.  Since then, I have just heard about him, and all his success in life.  I keep hearing this from his mother, my aunt, or more to the point, my mother's sister.  To my aunt, her son can do no wrong.  He is a genius, a millionaire in the making, a great father and parent.  I have had to endure this every time my aunt would come over for a visit.  To say she spoilt her son is probably underestimating her child rearing abilities.  She did far more than spoil the child, but I do not blame her.  Her love for her son has been noted for the last 40 or so years.  This is where the story goes a bit off the norm, or perhaps derails a bit.  On Mother's Day, my mother received a phone call from her sister.  Her sister was very upset.  It appears that her loving child, the apple of her eye, the child that can do no wrong, phoned his mother on Mother's Day, early in the morning, and gave her a piece of his mind.  He pointed out that she was the worst mother he could have had.  He did not spare her.  Because I did not speak with my aunt, I cannot add more, but whatever was added to the conversation, it was not good.  No one knows why her son did what he did, and on Mother's Day of all days.

We spoke about this among ourselves and remembered that my aunt now lives near her daughter and that the two of them have been traveling around together, seeing sights, museums and also going on short cruises.  I think my cousin is jealous that his mother is doting over her daughter and not him.  I asked if the my two cousins get along together, but apparently they do not.  That may have added to the problem.  Still, it seems a bit odd.  My aunt was the only person in my family that we, as kids thought of as being "sane".  My parents were odd, if not insane, but not my aunt.  My aunt was always positive in her views, always jumping in to defend us and point out all our positive traits rather than harp on the negative, like my parents always did.  My aunt was a lot like her mother, my grandmother, the psychic.  My aunt was very spiritual and has a very strong spiritual perspective on life.  She and I understand each other.  We have had the same spiritual experiences.  I find it very hard to believe that my cousin did what he did, but then, I am not privy to the goings on in their family.  Obviously, he has taken somethings, like his upbringing, as something of a failure.  I know my aunt was divorced two or three times, so perhaps he has something to gripe about, but it was a bad decision to ambush your mother on Mother's Day.  I do not think that was called for.  It struck a deep wound in my aunt.  The one child she revered more than any other has struck her.  I will have to give my aunt a phone call this week or next.  She just published a book last week and has put a copy for me in the mail.  This may be a perfect time to talk with her.

Follow Up On Psychic Reading from February 2013

I had a psychic reading in February 2013,  In that reading, the psychic pointed out four events in my life that will unfold in 2013.  The first was really telling me what was going on in my life as of now, which was now from back in February.  Her observations were 100% accurate.  She knew exactly what was going on and even point to the antagonist in my life.  She never asked me what was going on in my life, she just told me.

Next she pointed out that I was hoping something was going to happen this year because certain people had made promises.  She said this won't be happening this year, although it could still happen next year.  I heard a few weeks ago that this was true.  Events have slowed down on what I have come to call, "Plan A".  No one's fault, but due to the present slow economy and because the project started out as a million dollar project but now is close to a billion dollar project, people have been scrambling about looking for more financing.  I won't be seeing money from this, but oddly enough, I do benefit in an odd way.  Just not financially.  It will happen, but not quickly and not this year.  So I can put "Plan A" on the back burner.  This is what the psychic stated would happen.  Perhaps next year, she said.

The psychic then stated that I would receive what I have been waiting for from a different quarter.  She stated where this will come from and it matched my "Plan B".  In fact, it was exactly as I had hoped, if not better than what I expected.  Plan B did occur, exactly as she stared it would and from the exact people she stated it would come from, without ever asking me information.  I just wasn't expecting it so soon.

Her last prediction matches what other psychics have stated to me over the last 5 years.  Strange as it seems, this information never changes.  The only part that is left up in the the air is "when?".  I have been told it will be in the Fall, probably September.  All psychics have stated this over and over again, but each Fall has gone by without the event taking place.  And yet, the predictions from the various psychics I have seen persists.  The last psychic I saw stated it will start in the Fall of 2013, but 2014 will really be my year.  That matches what the other psychics have stated as well.  It is suppose to start with a small project in the Fall and then it will be followed up by more and more projects and then my career is suppose to change and go off in a totally new direction.  

The last psychic made four statements, of which three have come true already.  Extremely accurate predictions.  Only one prediction is remaining.  Will this too prove to be correct?  I was told I just need to have faith, but after hearing this for the last 5 years, it is stretching faith just a bit.  However, its not like I have better things to do in the meanwhile.  I was just told to hang in there for the next seven to eight months.  It is coming.  Fingers crossed.

Phychic Reading February 2013

There is a store in my area that occasionally has a psychic on hand to conduct readings.  I went there last year and had a short reading.  I was actually looking for a psychic who could give my niece a reading.  This psychic was an odd person, but her reading was, once again, the same reading I have received for the last four years.  Soon after, however, the store closed down, it was boarded up, but I discovered last January that they were back again and with a psychic on hand.  I booked myself a reading and then went in to see how my fate has changed.  There was a new psychic on hand, a different woman this time around.  However, yet again, the end result reading was very much the same reading I have received for the last five years now, which is, I will have a chance meeting with someone in the fall, who will have a business proposal or idea.  This idea will involve all my accumulated expertise and experiences, but will be in a different field.  Despite this psychic never having known me, she described my business very accurately.  She also described my present situation with amazing accuracy, something no one could have just guessed.  She also pointed out that one avenue of respite from my current situation will not come about, but a "Plan B", will come about this year and save my ass.  From this, my business will move ahead in leaps and bounds.  Plan B strangely enough is just that, it was my Plan B.  Its my second chance this year to pull a rabbit out of my hat, and again, no one knows this except myself, yet the psychic knew.  She pointed out that my Plan B will happen.  She also stated why it will happen, which is something no one, other than myself would have known about.  Its my secret, and mine alone, and yet, the psychic correctly pointed it out.  Her reasons why it will come about were 100% accurate -- only I know the reason.  I have discussed this with no one in my life thus far.  Its just a matter of waiting.  I suspect that next month will hold some interesting events, but this is just a gut feeling.

I will have to wait and see.  My future, once again, seems to be good, although in the psychic's words, 2014 will be my year, although 2013 will be a good start.  She stated that 2014 will be the start of a whole new life, which include world traveling, and financial security.  This is something many psychics have also stated -- they all seem to agree how it will come about, but the time frame is up in the air.  I am to be approached with a business proposal or an idea that will carry me far once acted upon.  We will see.  The only problem is I am always being offered business ideas, from many sources.  However, I was told, once this happens, it will be obvious.  One thing the psychics all agree upon, the venture will be offered to me.  It does not come from me, nor is it my idea.  I merely meet someone, or someone else approaches after seeing my work, with an idea.  I will have no control over this aspect, other than to say yes.   

Time will tell.


I just heard on Tuesday (March 5th)  that the contracts for the start of "Plan B" were signed.  I wasn't expecting this to happen for a few month yet.  Now I have to wait about 6 weeks to hear if my part in this deal will go ahead.  The price settled upon by investors was a lot higher than expected.  I heard everyone was surprised by the deal and the amount in the agreement, which considering the state of the economy, is very surprising.  No one expected this deal to be settled so quickly. I should hear about my part in this by the end on March, 2013.  It seems the chips are starting to fall into place.


Just received a phone call.  The deal is going through nicely and I was asked, "How much money do I need for my project?".  A dicey question to answer... do I give them the real figures and scare them away, or do I low ball it.  I played middle of the road, but stated it could be more.  I will hear in about three weeks if this project will fly or not.


Today, Plan B became a reality.  It means I can move ahead with my plans for the rest of the year.  Plan A is indeed stalled by unforeseen events, but may still occur, but that doesn't matter to me because today, Plan B happened.  Oddly enough, this was exactly as the psychic predicted.  That means two predictions came true:  Plan A will not occur this year, but Plan B will happen.  She also predicted, like many other psychics over the last three or so years, that a business deal will occur in the Fall.  This psychic predicted the Fall of 2013 as being the start of a great change for the better in my business.  These were the three predictions she made and two of these have come true.  We will see how the third prediction shapes up.  Plan B is what I call, and the psychic called, a "Game Changer", and will set into motion many other events in my life, all of which will be very good.  I can see this occurring.  I now have many options in my life that I did not have a few days ago.  Now I can get caught with work and sleep.


On the Road to Better Again

After turning 24 years old I stopped getting sick on a regular basis.  In the past, like clockwork, every January, February or March of each year I would get the flu or a viral illness of some sort that would put me into bed for 5 to 8 days with a high fever.  These illnesses remind me of the movie, "Trainspotting".  I would be in a haze of delusions, covered in sweat, having weird dreams, odd thoughts, and would find myself in different worlds.  In some ways I started to look forward to these bouts of illness because they were like being on vacation from reality.  Then, after I turned 24, getting sick suddenly became a rare event, and 30 years later, I average one illness every 3 to 8 years.  No more colds, runny noses, fevers, etc during these long stretches.  Physical injures seemed to have taken over from bacterial and viral infections.

This year, 2013, I found myself sick again.  The last time I was sick was February, 2010, and before that, I was sick in February 2002.  The illnesses are usually the same: headache with a constant fever, loss of hearing, sweating, and not much else, but at least they came with the usual fun, weird dreams.  My doctor figured I suffered from inner ear infections, but they never involve the pain I would have associated with an inner ear infection.  The latest fever I had went on for 8 straight days and then, this morning, its mostly gone, although since I didn't really eat anything for 8 days, I am left feeling dehydrated, hungry and fatigued, but at least I am still functioning.

While I was sick I managed to solve a problem I had with a new product I have been developing over last three years.  I couldn't produce the product until all the problems associated with its manufacturing had been solved and there were a few problems to figure out.  Since I had the time, being sick in my bed with a fever, starring at the ceiling, I was in a fairly good position to put about 8 hours a day into solving these annoying problems.  I came up with a few novel solutions that will surely annoy my competitors and quite possibly make this product one of my better selling products.  I keep getting emails from customers all over the world asking for this product, but there were those nasty production difficulties to iron out first.  I just needed the time and the focus, both of which I had over the last 8 days, to work it all out.  Who says being sick and stuck in bed has to be a bad thing?  This is one reason why I enjoy being sick, although there are three down sides:  1) I never know when I will be sick, 2) I have to contend with delirium (trying to stay focused on reality when your fever is pulling you into a fantasy state of mind is distracting), and  3) Having customers constantly ask "Where is my order?" can be distressing by itself.  Being sick will often put a wrench into a person's time table.

I am still not feeling 100% better yet, but once I am eating regularly again, and able to drink fluids again at ease, I should be OK, but I shall miss the weird dreams.  I will have to wait until I am sick again, back on vacation.  One weird dream I found to be quite amusing occurred a day ago.  In the dream I was being interviewed by a young woman in a white lab coat who was asking me various questions.  As she left the interview room she stated to me, "When I get back, we will be talking about ants who were never ants" (unless she meant Aunts?).  Fever induced dreams can be very amusing.

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