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After turning 24 years old I stopped getting sick on a regular basis.  In the past, like clockwork, every January, February or March of each year I would get the flu or a viral illness of some sort that would put me into bed for 5 to 8 days with a high fever.  These illnesses remind me of the movie, "Trainspotting".  I would be in a haze of delusions, covered in sweat, having weird dreams, odd thoughts, and would find myself in different worlds.  In some ways I started to look forward to these bouts of illness because they were like being on vacation from reality.  Then, after I turned 24, getting sick suddenly became a rare event, and 30 years later, I average one illness every 3 to 8 years.  No more colds, runny noses, fevers, etc during these long stretches.  Physical injures seemed to have taken over from bacterial and viral infections.

This year, 2013, I found myself sick again.  The last time I was sick was February, 2010, and before that, I was sick in February 2002.  The illnesses are usually the same: headache with a constant fever, loss of hearing, sweating, and not much else, but at least they came with the usual fun, weird dreams.  My doctor figured I suffered from inner ear infections, but they never involve the pain I would have associated with an inner ear infection.  The latest fever I had went on for 8 straight days and then, this morning, its mostly gone, although since I didn't really eat anything for 8 days, I am left feeling dehydrated, hungry and fatigued, but at least I am still functioning.

While I was sick I managed to solve a problem I had with a new product I have been developing over last three years.  I couldn't produce the product until all the problems associated with its manufacturing had been solved and there were a few problems to figure out.  Since I had the time, being sick in my bed with a fever, starring at the ceiling, I was in a fairly good position to put about 8 hours a day into solving these annoying problems.  I came up with a few novel solutions that will surely annoy my competitors and quite possibly make this product one of my better selling products.  I keep getting emails from customers all over the world asking for this product, but there were those nasty production difficulties to iron out first.  I just needed the time and the focus, both of which I had over the last 8 days, to work it all out.  Who says being sick and stuck in bed has to be a bad thing?  This is one reason why I enjoy being sick, although there are three down sides:  1) I never know when I will be sick, 2) I have to contend with delirium (trying to stay focused on reality when your fever is pulling you into a fantasy state of mind is distracting), and  3) Having customers constantly ask "Where is my order?" can be distressing by itself.  Being sick will often put a wrench into a person's time table.

I am still not feeling 100% better yet, but once I am eating regularly again, and able to drink fluids again at ease, I should be OK, but I shall miss the weird dreams.  I will have to wait until I am sick again, back on vacation.  One weird dream I found to be quite amusing occurred a day ago.  In the dream I was being interviewed by a young woman in a white lab coat who was asking me various questions.  As she left the interview room she stated to me, "When I get back, we will be talking about ants who were never ants" (unless she meant Aunts?).  Fever induced dreams can be very amusing.

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Posted on 02:01PM on Jan 21st, 2013
While that sounds like a very interesting experience....I hope you are feeling better so you won't have to be dealing with all that and work deadlines. It can be very stressful to be sick when you can't really take that time off and tell people you need to heal for a while.
Posted on 05:13PM on Jan 22nd, 2013
I am feeling better, but still a little fatigued. I lost about 5 pounds in weight, but have been eating more to try to correct this. I am back to work getting organized and caught up once again.

Thank you for your note!
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