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There is a store in my area that occasionally has a psychic on hand to conduct readings.  I went there last year and had a short reading.  I was actually looking for a psychic who could give my niece a reading.  This psychic was an odd person, but her reading was, once again, the same reading I have received for the last four years.  Soon after, however, the store closed down, it was boarded up, but I discovered last January that they were back again and with a psychic on hand.  I booked myself a reading and then went in to see how my fate has changed.  There was a new psychic on hand, a different woman this time around.  However, yet again, the end result reading was very much the same reading I have received for the last five years now, which is, I will have a chance meeting with someone in the fall, who will have a business proposal or idea.  This idea will involve all my accumulated expertise and experiences, but will be in a different field.  Despite this psychic never having known me, she described my business very accurately.  She also described my present situation with amazing accuracy, something no one could have just guessed.  She also pointed out that one avenue of respite from my current situation will not come about, but a "Plan B", will come about this year and save my ass.  From this, my business will move ahead in leaps and bounds.  Plan B strangely enough is just that, it was my Plan B.  Its my second chance this year to pull a rabbit out of my hat, and again, no one knows this except myself, yet the psychic knew.  She pointed out that my Plan B will happen.  She also stated why it will happen, which is something no one, other than myself would have known about.  Its my secret, and mine alone, and yet, the psychic correctly pointed it out.  Her reasons why it will come about were 100% accurate -- only I know the reason.  I have discussed this with no one in my life thus far.  Its just a matter of waiting.  I suspect that next month will hold some interesting events, but this is just a gut feeling.

I will have to wait and see.  My future, once again, seems to be good, although in the psychic's words, 2014 will be my year, although 2013 will be a good start.  She stated that 2014 will be the start of a whole new life, which include world traveling, and financial security.  This is something many psychics have also stated -- they all seem to agree how it will come about, but the time frame is up in the air.  I am to be approached with a business proposal or an idea that will carry me far once acted upon.  We will see.  The only problem is I am always being offered business ideas, from many sources.  However, I was told, once this happens, it will be obvious.  One thing the psychics all agree upon, the venture will be offered to me.  It does not come from me, nor is it my idea.  I merely meet someone, or someone else approaches after seeing my work, with an idea.  I will have no control over this aspect, other than to say yes.   

Time will tell.


I just heard on Tuesday (March 5th)  that the contracts for the start of "Plan B" were signed.  I wasn't expecting this to happen for a few month yet.  Now I have to wait about 6 weeks to hear if my part in this deal will go ahead.  The price settled upon by investors was a lot higher than expected.  I heard everyone was surprised by the deal and the amount in the agreement, which considering the state of the economy, is very surprising.  No one expected this deal to be settled so quickly. I should hear about my part in this by the end on March, 2013.  It seems the chips are starting to fall into place.


Just received a phone call.  The deal is going through nicely and I was asked, "How much money do I need for my project?".  A dicey question to answer... do I give them the real figures and scare them away, or do I low ball it.  I played middle of the road, but stated it could be more.  I will hear in about three weeks if this project will fly or not.


Today, Plan B became a reality.  It means I can move ahead with my plans for the rest of the year.  Plan A is indeed stalled by unforeseen events, but may still occur, but that doesn't matter to me because today, Plan B happened.  Oddly enough, this was exactly as the psychic predicted.  That means two predictions came true:  Plan A will not occur this year, but Plan B will happen.  She also predicted, like many other psychics over the last three or so years, that a business deal will occur in the Fall.  This psychic predicted the Fall of 2013 as being the start of a great change for the better in my business.  These were the three predictions she made and two of these have come true.  We will see how the third prediction shapes up.  Plan B is what I call, and the psychic called, a "Game Changer", and will set into motion many other events in my life, all of which will be very good.  I can see this occurring.  I now have many options in my life that I did not have a few days ago.  Now I can get caught with work and sleep.


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Posted on 11:43PM on Mar 19th, 2013
I was wondering about this. Thanks for the update. It really is odd you always get the same messages repeated.
Posted on 12:00AM on Mar 22nd, 2013
I find it odd too that the same basic reading comes up, no matter who gives the psychic reading. One psychic last year even stated that I seek too know too much about my future. She said I need to just trust my guides and enjoy my life as my future is secure. Her reading too was the same reading I always get. I will see. So far, things are falling into place, although I find myself working too many hours and feel exhausted by the end of each day. I was told I just need to hold out another 6 months or so. Easier said than actually done.
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